This group is dedicated to sharing the teaching and technologies of Masters from all paths which are dedicated to finding and awakening to the Divine within. The goal is to awaken America and the world to the creativity, growth, nourishment, nurturing, protection, healing and regeneration, and the fulfillment of all needs within a system of naturally perfect law and order.The above qualities are intrinsic to all of Creation and are the ways Universal Creative Life manifests.It is open to all who seek to find common ground regardless of ideology, race, gender, political orientation, or age.We ask that your contributions are of a positive nature. We ask that negative comments are taken elsewhere. We do not need contributions that demonstrate judgment, criticism, sarcasm, deception, fear mongering, anger or the expression of negatively oriented thinking. There are endless other venues for that frequency of communication.May we be inspired and open the paths for others to feel the Divine beating our hearts and drawing our breath. Share your highest aspirations and how you discover ways to create the Life you love to see and create a New Age and Awaken into Light.


Siri Bahadur Khalsa

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