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I am available to collaborate with your studio or group for classes, workshops and teacher training. Please see below for opportunities and as always, contact me directly with any questions!

Announcing Mentorship Programs

Kundalini Classes for All

90 mins
Open to all, from beginner to advanced, these 90 min classes help by reducing stress, regulating emotions and integrating the body, mind and spirit using mantra, kriyas, meditation and sound healing.

Immersive Kundalini Experiences

Half or Full Day Workshops

Deepen the Kundalini experience through investigative and immersive practices that will target and eliminate old, toxic energies to enable the practitioner to heal and move above and beyond

1. Living an Abundant Life. A Chakra Immersive.

2. Living a Radiant Life. Understanding the Ten Light Bodies

3. Awaken your life force with Kundalini and pranayama

4. Energetic healing with mantra and sound

Kundalini Kirtan 

90-120 Minutes
An immersive musical evening of Bhakti featuring melodious vocals, guitar, mantras and sound healing with the gong and crystal bowls.

Weekend Retreats/Week-long Retreats

An immersive experience with a focal area. Bring Kundalini Yoga to your planned retreat, or design an custom offering around sound healing, mantra, the 10 bodies, numerology, working with the chakras, a deep dive into pranayama or opening and expanding the heart. The options are, like each of us, limitless.

Kundalini Teacher Training

200 hour programs, sponsored by the studio or school.

Experienced and heart-centered guidance through the 200-hr and 500-hr KRI teacher training coursework. As the former head of the Dallas Ashram, leading practitioners to and through their Kundalini journey is a passion and a dedication.

Kundalini Purpose – Personal Guidance

1:1 personalized guidance or guided sound healing

  • Yogic Numerology Sessions – Yogic Counseling
  • Yoga Sets and Meditation Instruction
  • Gong Bath Sessions
  • Learn to Play the Gong
  • Investigating Sound and Mantra Sessions
  • Deep Relaxation and Meditation Alignment
  • Cellular-Level Deep Healing