Teacher Training is not just for yogis/yoginis who plan to become teachers.

Make no mistake. If you want to master something – teach it. The process will spur you to greater heights and amazing depths of experience. Just the simple intention of describing a kriya or meditation leads the teacher into an awareness of what is required to deeply engage in that aspect of the practice. As the teacher gets into the flow of the session, it becomes a matter of sensing and listening to the inner guide or the chain of teachers and masters of yoga across time and space, who will provide the words and send the signal of where to go next and how to communicate the path to follow.

It is also an avenue to deeply experience your own practice and transform your own life. From there you cannot help but to share that experience.

The process of going through the teacher training to begin the Journey of the Kundalini Teacher gives one the basic knowledge of history, techniques, reasons why, resources to reference, the depth of experience, the caliber, and the projection to truly use this science to awaken and be the Possible Human. By means of your own investigation into raising your frequency you will find the activities of teaching the yoga are a source of elevation, joy, and fulfillment.

Join a group dedicated teacher trainers who will inspire and lead you through one of the most comprehensive courses which will teach you how to be a truly genuine and awakened human being.

Most people have turned to the practice of yoga to meet a need of some kind. There is a sense that yoga will allow them to be fulfilled if they can just begin doing one thing or another, or release the habits that block their ability to flourish. If the practitioner will discover all of the tools in the kit of the Kundalini style of yoga, that practice will yield significant results in relatively short order. Learning by your own intuition is certainly one of the ways to awakening. After all, we are here to learn who we are and who we are not. There is no time clock running with Game Over looming over the screen of our overall existence. There are chapters and various volumes in the Life we will experience with apparent beginnings and endings. But for the yogini called to a Life of consciousness, does she want to spend more time than necessary to find out who she already is? It is more likely that she wants to begin to co-create Life in a consciously productive, economical, and qualified way as a willing agent of the One Who leads her to live as a Stream of consciousness.

Teacher Training puts the yogi on the fast track to experiencing Kundalini Yoga in a very powerful and satisfying way. It is akin to the Rosetta-Stone process of learning language. The Kundalini experience makes sense of those practices we mistakenly activate that inhibit our awareness and it engages those tools that allow us to feel alive, vibrant and vital, shedding the dead skin of imagined disabilities and the self hypnotic programming of fear and failure.

If you can allocate 200 hours over 8 months and dedicate those hours to your Self, you will find a platform of elevation from which you can launch the Practice of a lifetime. Not only will you find satisfaction and growth for yourself, you will affect in a positive way the lives of all with whom you come into contact. If that sounds like a tall order, or if it sounds like an attractive alternative to what you are currently doing, we should talk.

Feel free to contact me directly, or get in touch with the Yoga Yoga of Austin Teacher Training Program at the links available on this page.

Blessings to you and your Life.