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An Awakening Course: Mantra Matters

A Master Series into Mantra & Sound with Siri Bahadur & Kirtan

Kirtan and Siri Bahadur at the recent Autumn Equinox event at Shuniya Yoga Collective

Siri Bahadur and Kirtan invite you to this in-depth series designed to guide you on an experience of how mantras can be used for growth and support, breaking down the meaning and energetic signature of several mantras and discovering guidelines for mantra practice in our daily life. We will also discover those subconsciously endorsed negative mantras that, when eliminated from our vocabulary, will lead us to higher vibrational frequencies.

In this collaboration, both teachers will share their experience and enthusiasm on this subject and impart insight into how you can deepen your relationship with this technology for self help, joy and expansion.

In this course you will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of mantra meanings and applications
  • Learn the secret for maintaining an impactful daily ritual
  • Integrate between sessions with opportunities for self-practice and group support
  • Participate in advanced group meditations and discussions

Join us either IN PERSON at Shuniya Yoga Collective or ONLINE via Zoom for this 3-part series on:

Friday, October 29th | 6:30-9:00pm CT

Saturday, November 13th | 2:00-5:00pm CT

Saturday, December 4th | 2:00-5:00pm CT

***Yoga Alliance CEU’s can be given at course completion – ask for details!***

Please bring any props you need to support your practice, as well as a pen and paper for journaling and notes

ONLINE – $395

IN PERSON* – $445 (early bird thru 10/10) / $495 (regular)

*limited spots available w/ proper distancing

(10% off for Shuniya Members!)

Winter Solstice Full Moon Illumination

The time of the full moon is well recognized as an opportunity to finish the installment of a habit or virtue as the moon comes to its peak of waxing, and to undertake the process of releasing patterns that we long to resolve and dissolve with the waning phase of our lunar sister.

However the coincidence of the moon’s fullness with the winter solstice lends power and focus to pause in our creative efforts, let go of our shadow characteristics and gather our physical, mental and etheric resources to prepare for spring awakening. Soil lays fallow so replenishment can incrementally gather momentum as the longest nights and the coldest season work their magic of helping us to direct our sight inwards and let go of habits and projects that were useful past, but have outlived their usefulness.

This is a season when we also focus our attention on our Crystalline Essential Self achieved by elevating our conscious vibrations, and as the nights will give way to longer days, we look to grow the brilliance and radiance of our spirit, releasing shadow, cares and worries and awakening into an appreciation of the Light of our Soul. We can then use that presence to bring Love and Peace into a troubled world.

To that end we will turn our attention in this gathering to take stock of what is worth carrying forward and what we can release into our composting bed, to fertilize and renew the soil of our Garden of Shuniya. Join Laura Marcotte and Siri Bahadur as they offer suggestions and techniques to make the most of this most auspicious time.

More Fall and Winter events are in the planning stages, check back here and subscribe to the mailing list for updates!


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