“A good teacher will help you find the answers inside. They will ask you questions you never ask yourself. How deeply and authentically can you anchor into this space? It is small actions taken daily that add up and lead to mastery.”

-Adi Bachan

When Adi asked if I was interested to work with her to present a Kundalini Deep Dive online workshop that would have the impact of a level 2 Kundalini training course I did not hesitate to say, “Absolutely!” And when we agreed to focus on the theme of Shuniya my enthusiasm grew even stronger. 

Within the state of Shuniya the yogi tunes into the Essential Self and, going beyond body and mind, continues in a very real way on his/her journey towards a conscious relationship with Universal Creative Life, or Source/God. Join us in a course to develop your Yogi’s Laboratory. Bring to this course whatever you want to release and that which you desire to create.

This course includes practices, methods, discussions, reflection and community time focused on helping us thrive in the present reality.


  • Advanced Kundalini Yoga topics, meditations and kriyas
  • Personal development writing activities
  • Small group discussions
  • Current astrological forecasting and practices that support the energy

Each class is on a Saturday from 10AM CST to 4PM.  Classes will be recorded and sent out after class to everyone.

Class Dates:
September 26th
October 10th
November 7th
December 5th
$550, $663 after 9/12
$108 savings if you sign up early

5 additional 90 minute classes will be added as a midway check-in with everyone before the next time we get together. These classes will not be recorded and are intended for those that wish to discuss more and reflect on how these practices are playing out in our own lives. Class dates/times will be decided upon once the course begins.

Kundalini Level One Training

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

A Complete Live Online Course in Teaching and Practicing Kundalini Yoga

Begins January 23rd!

This online program provides international certification and recognition as a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).