For those interested in transforming through sound healing: the power of vibration, frequency and energy can be extremely healing. See the video below for more and contact me to schedule a session, or to ask questions.

Message from the Video:

Within this technology, typically we’ll use the gong. In addition to that there are technical sound files that produce a frequency that will ameliorate or neutralize different energy patterns within the body, whether they be associated with organ activity movement of energy through the meridians the chakras. Those things and conditions that are treated with acupressure, acupuncture and of course reiki or other lighter forms of healing.

So we have the gong; it would be picked up through the microphone and that signal is fed into electronics which just take the signal in and put it through a mixer where we can adjust the sound to the best frequency and the best range of sound patterns, From there, we put it into an amplifier and then the amplifier will send the sounds to a sound mat and the sound mat has transducers mounted within it. As you lie on the mat and the sound waves come into the transducers, it vibrates the mat and allows you to feel sounds whether they’re healing sound files that are made specifically to vibrate at lower and heavier frequencies that your body will feel and process or whether they’re the sounds of the gong so typically these are the instruments we’d use.

We can also use other music files: sound files of mantras sound files of sacred music; you can do pretty much any run anything into the mat, but the healing files and the gongs seem to have the most significant impact.

I could explain for a long time and try to communicate to you the benefits and effects of this technology but the best way to learn about it and to be able to determine if this is something that you can use once twice or in a series of exposure to it is to contact me and arrange for a small session to start, or a full session if you are experienced with gong therapy or sound healing therapy.

This is a semi-portable system: I can move it around, but you can contact me if you have any interest. I hope to hear from you, and we can discuss when where how and in a nice energy exchange for the exposure to this technology. Thank you very much. I wish you a good day; sat nam and namaste to you!